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Vegan Restaurant

West Palm Beach

Vegan Restaurant West Palm Beach

Juuuicy Market Food Vendors located at 538 Northwood Rd. West Palm Beach, FL 33407 – Tel 561-557-1124 – is the newest vegan restaurant in west palm beach with a 100% gluten free, wheat free, soy free, non-GMO ingredients, dairy free, and 100% love for our planet!

Our protein are made from dehydrated chickpeas, spices, mushrooms and more. We use gluten/wheat free breads, fresh salads, rice with grilled veggies, delicious desserts, cold-pressed juices and smoothies….there is so much research showing how dehydrating food helps maintain 100% of the vitamins, minerals, etc here is a quick link http://dehydratorliving.com/benefits-of-dehydrating-food/

If you are in the west palm beach area stop by for a snack, one of the best selling sides /appetizers is the fried chickn, but instead of chicken we use jackfruit. Jackfruit is packed with nutrition so it’s gaining lots of interest in the USA for healthy eaters everywhere. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackfruit

Our juices are cold-pressed and done every day so you get 100% of the nutrients…our smoothies are also fresh, with almond milk, fruits, and no ice so you get 100% real fruit in your smoothies.

If you are in the area it’s definitely worth to stop by. Our cocktails are also made with 100% cold-pressed juices (no chemicals, no fake syrups, just pure cold-pressed juices making your cocktail 100% vegan and natural).

In our building we also have the tabletop games so you can play before during or after your dining experience, a fair trade gift shop, plaster painting studio and event venue – this is one stop shop for things to do in west palm beach 😉

See you soon at our vegan restaurant.